In conclusion

So was it everything I thought it would be? Absolutely yes, and more. Although I didn't get to do everything I wanted to do, I did do a lot even if it meant I was up at the crack of dawn or out to a ridiculous hour to do it.

The people are amazingly friendly, and if you can take the time to learn a bit of their language they will be even nicer to you. I think they love the idea that a Westerner will take the time to learn their language. Being a westerner in Japan you do have some degree of celebrity status, and it's cute to have Japanese girls pointing and giggling and plucking up the courage to say "hi" and when you speak back they giggle even more.

Because I still have things to do out there, I have a reason to go back and I am sure I will be. In fact I was so taken by the country that when I got back I looked at seeing if my company would allow me to work out there, contractual complications meant I couldn't however.

The itinerary put together by the trip organisers was perfect and big thanks needs to be given to Kevin, who did the majority of the work, especially as he didn't attend the trip himself.


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