Drive to Fuji

We had quite a lengthy drive to Mt Fuji and stopped off along the way at a really nice coastal service station. No Little Chef here.

The majority of us headed off for lunch. I had some squid soup which was really nice (as all the food was turning out to be on this trip). One of the group managed to convince some Americans that he was eating onion bread, and off she went to look for it.

In the reports so far I had picked up a couple of examples of Japlish that I'd come across on the trip. It's only appropriate that I show our own, that one of the coaches had displayed in it's window.

Trips with the ECC can be quite intense with early starts, late arrivals at hotels and long days spent enjoying ourselves in the parks. Personally I like more of a mix between sightseeing and parks, as we'd done earlier in the year on the trip to Hungary, Italy and Austria. There was a chance in Tokyo to do our own thing, which was great, but the second leg of the trip was in more remote locations where it wasn't possible.

A glorious day but we couldn't stop, Fuji awaits!

Making our way up into the mountains now, and the weather is becoming worse. There were doubts that we may not get to ride anything when we get to Fuji. It could be a washout.

We'd been driving along the sea road, and then turned North to head up towards Fuji at the top of the map. After the longest coach journey of the trip at a good 4 hours we finally made it to Mt. Fuji and its park Fuji-Q.


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