Tokyo Disneysea - Lost River Delta

This is the bit of the park that is themed around a rainforest with Mayan type temples and a jungle river with trader stalls. The new attraction in the park was Raging Spirits the park's second coaster built within the confines of one of the temples. When we first got to it it wasn't running but time was still spent just taking in the theming.

Not sure where those people were going, maybe they just wanted to make sure they were at the front when it did decide to reopen. It all looks so good you wouldn't bat an eyelid if Indiana Jones came running out of that. But his attraction was further along the path.

The Mayan (or is it Aztec) god standing at the front of Raging Spirits. Getting good pictures of the ride must be quite tricky as a lot of it seems to be buried in amongst the stonework.

When it eventually opened Raging Spirits turned out to be a good ride, but not a great one. The car was a bit shaky and there wasn't much legroom. Even with these problems the ride was still extremely popular and people were re-riding a lot. It is still the best coaster in the park but Disney could do so much better.

As suspected getting a nice photo of the ride was going to be difficult. A mass of metal coupled with a huge arrangement of stone meant that there was always going to be something in the way of the shot such as this tight dive half way around the circuit.

One unblocked shot of the ride, well it is the brake run so not that exciting.

One interesting story that shows how good Japanese ride operations are. One of the group is particularly large and when the ride ops saw him join the queue, they marched him to the front to see if he'd fit. It took 10 minutes to get the harness down but they did manage it and he got his ride. No one in the queue line complained however. This girl would be waving and cheering all day, you wouldn't get that at Thorpe Park!

At the heart of the structure is the loop which is extremely tight and quite intense when you get on it. As rides go it is definitely the best the park has but it's still not great.

This is perhaps my best shot, taken in the exit line by the front of the attraction. The car comes flying through a wall of smoke as it travels under the stone God shown earlier.

From Raging Spirits it's a short walk down towards the Indiana Jones ride but along the way you can take in the views. Here the jungle camp has taken post in the grounds of the temple. This is actually the back wall of the park and you can't get anywhere near it.

One of the small trading stalls selling merchandise and snacks. My language skills had progressed to being able to specify large or small drinks. "Ookii" is large and "Chisaii" means small. The girls behind the stall gave me a little round of applause for being able to order in Japanese. The temple in the background is part of the Indy Jones ride. This was also closed so we had to head off elsewhere.

Some of the themed areas are seperated by the others by bridges, in much the same way that they do at Islands of Adventure. This part of the park however uses the river as its central attraction with the boat ride back to the Meditteranean area. This area is effectively split into two with the theme rides to the right of this shot behind the trees and restaurants, more stalls and the Mystic Rhythms to the left.

I'm not sure it was due to the weather, the lack of people in the park, or the time of day but no-one seemed to be using the river boats. A shame as they would take you through bits of the park that you can't access on foot, unless you're Jesus and can pull off the walking on water trick.

The walk along the shop area. I think the restaurant is on the left :D The weather was definitely getting a lot better now. We had been extremely fortunate today.

The Mystic Rhythms show housed in the Hangar Stage complex was stunning. A great mix of acrobatics, music and stuntwork that is as classy as a Cirque de Soleil show and was filled to capacity even though the park was quiet. Plenty of staff were around to welcome you to the show.

More over the top theming. I'll let you decide whether or not the food is fresh. Put this in any park in the UK and you can be assured they'd be ripped open and the contents thrown about. Theme park designers must love Japan because there is no vandal culture that we have in the West. This allows them to do everything they could ever want, and with the lack of financial constraint that this park has the park is allowed to look as detailed as it is.

The Indiana Jones ride opened later in the day and for those who have been on the Indiana Jones ride in California, this is the same thing, but with a slightly different name and different theming on the ride.

The problem was that when it did open, everyone rushed to it. We were able to benefit from the fastpass for a ride later but still decided to face the queue line so we could get another go. Our decision to queue was also helped by a downpour of rain that came from nowhere, actually it came from the clouds as normal.

The line takes you through a very well themed temple. Here it all becomes a bit too much for Tim and he became quite emotional. When you got bored with the sights, you could always try chatting to the Japanese, if they weren't too shy to respond that is. The ride itself is a lot of fun, just like it's American counterpart.

It's extremely scary though!


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