Tokyo Disneysea - Arabian Coast

Themed around the Aladdin movie the architectural theming is particularly great in this area. This is the mosque type building that greets you having crossed a bridge from the Mermaid Lagoon. This part of the park houses three attractions; Sindbad's Seven Voyages, The Magic Lamp Theatre, and the Caravan Carousel.

With the crowds off elsewhere this part of the park was very desolate. Now if those two people could have gotten out of my shot I could have said I had the park to myself. Ah well I should really be grateful that the weather was bad, although looking at the sky you wouldn't have thought it.

This is the main square and the entrance ahead leads to The Magic Lamp theatre. This is a 3D cinema with live actors. A chest opened on the stage, when opened releases the genie that is projected above the stage and with the aid of the 3D glasses reaches out over the audience. Not a bad show but Terminator 2 is still a better example of the genre.

This is the carousel, which looks particularly great housed in the building it's in. WIth no-one in shot I can now say that I had the park to myself, although you're not going to believe me now.

No sooner did I have the park to myself then other people decided they wanted it to themselves too. So I left through this archway that joins the main square to the gift shops. The little building on the other side of the arches is one of the shops themed in small area made to look like an Egyptian market.

Here's the rest of the shop area. On the other side is the Sindbad attraction and over to the left is the rainforest that marks the edge of the Lost River Delta area of the park.

Plenty of shade in this area offered some respite from the sun that was starting to emerge. It looks like we had been fortunate with the weather and it was actually becoming quite a nice day. Hopefully it wouldn't get too nice to lead to an onslaught of people; I was loving the park being as empty as it was.

Lost River Delta is in the background. Show this picture to anyone who hasn't seen this report and they'll never guess this is Tokyo.

The Sindbad attraction is the most popular attraction in this part of the park, not that there is much competition here. It's a small world type animatronic kind of ride, which fortunately doesn't contain any nauseating repetitive singing. It tells the tale of Sindbad and his quest to spell his name right; where did that middle "d" come from?

The ride is pretty decent and goes on for quite a bit. The low light levels and me being too scared to use a flash meant that most of the pictures didn't come out as I'd have desired. Here Sindbad is in the claws of some giant bird, and he doesn't seem too bothered by it does he? I guess you're more likely to be picked up in a similar manner if you choose to wear hooded tops. Something Bluewater may want to consider to get rid of the chav yobs that flock to the place.


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