Tokyo Disneysea - Meditteranean Harbour

The first port in the park is the Meditteranean Harbour and contains no rides but a few attractions. The building at the foot of the volcano is the "Fortress Explorations" which is a child play area with a few interactive displays to keep them entertained. Rather than have an Electric Parade and running the risk of all the water shorting things out the park has a water-based parade that takes place here as well as a light show called "BraviSEAmo". Now if Disney can do bad puns then I can too! Two waterborne means of transport also exist in this zone, a paddle steamer that takes you to Lost River Delta and a Venetian themed Gondola ride. Having been to Venice I didn't bother seeing that.

A view from the bridge with the Fortress on the right and in the distance the American Waterfront centrepiece, the ridiculousl huge piece of theming that is the SS Columbia. I don't know if the rocks are real but if they're not then the attention to detail is amazing.

Another shot looking back at the buildings overlooking the water. The church houses one of the main souvenir shops and the Gondolas are based behind it.

Amazing attention to detail in the carvings on this Italian looking building. This is the entrance that offered the volcano view but looking the other way.

I can only assume that these buildings, like those that overlook Main Street in other Disney parks, house the offices of the Disney staff. I bet the balcony at the top offers an amazing view of the shows that take place in the evening. VIP seating perhaps?

Here's the view looking back towards the entrance with all the Meditteranean theming and hundreds of people still pouring into the park. Time to get a move on Malcolm! Journey to the Centre of the Earth isn't too far away.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The buildings in photos #4 and #5 are actually a hotel that sits inside the theme park. The windows are the hotel rooms.

1:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The other anon poster is right it is a hotel and its called Mira Costa.

5:19 AM  

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